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Benefits for SME Member Subcontractors

ServeGate makes it possible for an SME to become a sub-contractor to Governments and large industry customers.

Historically, SMEs have relied on receiving work from Tier 1 Prime Contractors via the typical multi-tiered structure of industry supply chains. Gaining access to those larger companies is often very difficult.

For those businesses able to form an alliance they are seldom a part of the face-to-face contract negotiation phase at which they can establish their own brand awareness with Government or Industry customers for future work.

The down side of accessing work via a large prime is that there are multiple level supplier organisations between the Government or Industry customers and the SMEs. Each level charges service fees meaning there is less revenue available at the end of the supply chain.

Having duplicated management, multiple work teams (each with their own self-interest and operating style) and an elongated hire-chain can hinder communication, decision-making and payment of services.

ServeGate removes these barriers by establishing a direct ServeGate/member business-to-Government/Industry relationship.

ServeGate - SME Member Subcontractors
ServeGate - SME Member Subcontractors

There are many benefits to joining the ServeGate community:

  • ServeGate is a First Response Solution Provider (FRSP)
  • Visibility of Government and large industry customer opportunities
  • Opportunity for representation with the Government, Defence and large industry and corporates
  • Single point of contact with end customer thus eliminating margin on margins
  • Opportunities to earn higher revenue – due to not being at “the end of the line” plus access to larger contracts
  • Support to Indigenous businesses
  • Healthy competition within our membership when responding to RFQs – encouraging SMEs to provide competitive value-for-money solutions
  • Open bidding process – all member subcontractors are offered a fair opportunity to represent their capabilities; all compliant responses are submitted to the customer which considers its own evaluation
  • Transparency in fees and margins
  • No conflict of interest – ServeGate does not compete against its member subcontractors for work
  • Support and guidance provided especially for Micro and Small businesses
  • Growth to independence or sustenance
  • Member subcontractors are able, and encouraged to collaborate with each other to provide collective solutions to customers’ requirements
  • Contract administration
  • Low-cost membership joining fee and contract management margin
  • No obligations or restrictions regarding interaction with ServeGate
  • No exclusivity clauses in direct interaction with customers or other business activities
  • Member subcontractors encouraged to cultivate their own brand awareness with the customers
  • Provision of professional indemnity insurance cover for a nominal fee, available in most cases
  • Relationships with industry associations
  • Maintenance of workforce identity

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