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Benefits for Government & Defence

ServeGate is THE access point for SME capabilities. We bring together project leaders and their sought-after suppliers – our members. It is now possible for micro, small and medium sized businesses to work directly with the people who create and manage each project – rather than via a prime contractor. ServeGate goes in search of opportunities which match the capabilities of our members.

  Single point of contact

ServeGate simplifies the communication process for the Government and our member subcontractors.

As a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) ServeGate enables a Government project team to access multiple service providers and capabilities without having to liaise with a large number of people.

   Substantial savings

The Government benefits from working directly with our member subcontractors because it does not have to pay services fees to multiple layers of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and other providers. Thus, the savings incorporated in a ServeGate-Government relationship opens the door for them to fund more projects in the future for our member subcontractors.

ServeGate delivers substantial savings to the Government while providing SME subcontractors with better revenues.

  De-risk environment

The perceived risks of engaging SMEs include longevity, materiel capacity and a lack of infrastructure are addressed and removed by ServeGate.

We represent our members’ collective capability to Government customers, assist in forming relationships, submit responses to RFQs and take care of the contractual administration and financial ‘red tape’… leaving our member subcontractors to carry out the work under their own ‘banner’. Our due diligence of member applicants investigates the financial and capability viability of the applicant business. Where appropriate and/or required we also conduct legal and security check s that may be necessary.

Our desire to see our member subcontractors grow to independence demonstrates the long-term value we place on our member relationships. The fact that we are so transparent with our customers in allowing them to view our management fee in each project assures them that they are not being taken advantage of. In addition, our infrastructure and the aggregation of our SME member subcontractors’ capabilities and resources de-risk the Customer engaging SMEs through ServeGate by accommodating redundancy and/or contingency requirements.

  Open bidding process

When ServeGate receives a Request For Quotation (RFQ) or Request For Tender (RFT) from a Government customer we distribute this information throughout our community. From the qualified responses we submit, the Government customer determines who is selected to deliver each contract. Any savings coming out of the bidding process are passed on to the Government customer in their entirety.

ServeGate - Government & Defence

ServeGate - Government & Defence

ServeGate - Government & Defence

ServeGate - Government & Defence


ServeGate has a unique culture of transparency to the point that our Government customers know the value of our management fee in each project. So too does the SME subcontractors which is given access to the same information.

  Focus on Indigenous businesses

ServeGate is committed to use its unique and innovative supply chain infrastructure to contribute positively towards increased socio-economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians. We are very familiar with the unique Government access and bidding process provided for Indigenous Australians, having worked with individuals and communities over many years. Our vision is to aid in the growth and development of these enterprises and see them launch or support other new entities in the future to provide greater employment and quality of life to their communities.

  No conflict of interest

On no level does ServeGate, or its personnel, compete with or bid against our member subcontractors for any opportunity we receive. Nor do we offer these opportunities to any businesses outside our community.

  Administrative support

Understanding how to interpret Government documentation and successfully bid for a project can be daunting to an SME, which is why ServeGate supports our member subcontractors so that they can focus on delivering their services.

Having won the contract, ServeGate works directly with the Customer’s Contracting Department and Accounts Payable Department connected to that project to fulfil their documentation and invoicing requirements.

  Growth to independence

ServeGate is focused on growing our member subcontractors so that they can independently bid for future Government projects.

Our operational support commences with mentoring our member subcontractors to understand Government documentation and complete RFQ responses. We guide them as they engage with the Customer and take on new work. We look for more opportunities to help them grow.

Our desire is to see them grow to the point that they no longer require our input and then contribute to other smaller member subcontractors of our community by sharing projects with them. A reciprocal process, which connects, grows and releases a large volume of fully matured SMEs into industry and builds our national economy.

ServeGate’s key differentiators for Government & Defence