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What We Do

ServeGate values the contribution that SMEs deliver to the Australian economy and Australia’s industry infrastructure.

More than 99% of Australian registered businesses fall into the SME category (between 1-199 employees) and they collectively employ over 70% of the nation’s work force. They represent a myriad of high-value skills, an abundance of expertise, are the innovation engine of the nation and have the flexibility to rapidly respond, evolve and expand in order to professionally deliver sought-after capabilities and highly innovative products.

Having worked closely with the Australian Government and the Corporate sector for many years, ServeGate personnel are aware that departments such as Defence and large industry customers are very keen to form direct links with SMEs to gain and maintain access to these capabilities without the hassle of managing them individually.

Our national network spans a broad spectrum of Government and Industry decision makers.

ServeGate is building a community of Australian SMEs and contractually connecting them to the Government and Corporate sector opportunities in order for them to secure work.

ServeGate - What We Do 01
ServeGate - What We Do

With ServeGate it is now possible for smaller privately owned enterprises to be exposed to and engaged in work that was historically preserved for large, often overseas-owned, Prime contractors and corporations. At the same time, the Government and Industry is able to source specific skill sets more competitively and from a larger pool of pre-qualified resources.

ServeGate facilitates a win-win environment.

The ServeGate Business Model


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The benefits of ServeGate’s proven business model to Government & Defence are found here, to Corporate & Industry are found here and to SMEs are found here.