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How We Do It

Structurally, ServeGate is a Prime Contractor that specialises in the provision of SME capabilities to Government, Defence, Corporates and Industry.

As a preferred supplier-of-choice with personnel of impeccable track records, ServeGate regularly receives Requests For Quotation (RFQ) and Requests For Tender (RFT) from Australian Government departments, agencies and the Corporate sector.

ServeGate - How We Do It
ServeGate - How We Do It 02

The contracting process… 

It is the Customer that determines which member subcontractor(s) is selected as the preferred sub-contractor(s).

  • ServeGate provides work opportunities to all its member subcontractors and interested member subcontractors provide responses to Government or Corporate-Industry requirements, Request For Quotation (RFQ); ServeGate does not compete for any work we receive. There is no conflict of interest.
  • ServeGate vets the response for compliance to the RFQ;
  • All compliant responses submitted as ServeGate responses for evaluation by the customer;
  • If selected by the customer, ServeGate manages the contracting paperwork;
  • ServeGate manages large projects and regularly liaises with the Customer on all projects to ensure that it is being delivered on time, on budget and on specification;
  • Our member subcontractor submits their invoice to ServeGate after the customer has provided their approval for the deliverable(s);
  • ServeGate ensures invoices are compliant with the the purchase order;
  • ServeGate submits a corresponding invoice to the customer;
  • On receiving payment from the customer ServeGate retains its margin and pays the balance to the member subcontractor within the shortest practicable time;
  • Follow-up of delayed invoices is conducted by ServeGate

Our extensive experience with Government departments – especially within Defence, Government agencies and corporate Accounts Payable helps in correctly rendered invoices (as required by the customer) being submitted in the first instance and thereby minimising delays in payment. We take responsibility for pursuing all delayed invoices.

With an open door to the highest levels of decision makers in the Australian Government and Corporate sectors, ServeGate maintains ongoing contact and ensures that the ongoing development of the ServeGate business model continues to effectively address their changing requirements and the specific requirements of our member SME community.

Our vision at ServeGate is about growth, collaboration and reciprocation of mutual benefits.