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How We Are Different

ServeGate’s Unique Value Proposition

Risk Mitigation ServeGate Australia Traditional Primes Labour Hire Companies
Entity contracted by the customer. Sometimes
Responsible for Project and Contract Management along with Redundancy and Risk Mitigation.
Does not have any ownership, partnership or operational interest in the discrete, independently owned SME subcontractors, thus avoiding any conflict of interest.


Value For Money (VFM) ServeGate Australia Traditional Primes Labour Hire Companies
Adapts to customer’s simplified engagement process AND promotes healthy bidding internally made visible to the customer. Value for Money (VFM) realised from this process passed on to the customer in its entirety.
Business model based on cost recovery through a small margin, instead of, for large profits, high infrastructure costs and dividend payouts.
Charges a fixed management fee transparent to both customers and SME subcontractors.
The most cost efficient access point to SME capabilities without margin on margin cost imposts.
Set up to maximise profits for its shareholders, to the detriment of the other key stakeholders.
Simplified engagement process providing a SELECTION of QUALITY RESOURCES available from a continuously expanding member base of SMEs representing a wide breadth of capabilities as well as a deep pool of resources. Most Likely Likely Sometimes
Simplified engagement process prevents loss of knowledge and expertise; resources of customers’ choice easily re-engaged. Rarely


Socio-Economic Benefits ServeGate Australia Traditional Primes Labour Hire Companies
A collaborative business working for mutual benefit of its key stakeholders, with the emphasis being on the Customer and SMEs.
Contracting organisation competes for work with their subcontractors.
Permits/encourages SMEs to promote their own brand with the customer.
Set up to nurture start-ups; assist in reducing their mortality; and contributes to their successful growth.
50% Indigenous owned SME, assisting customers in achieving their targets for Indigenous engagement with true social outcomes. Unlikely Sometimes
Engagement provides commercial as well as socio-economic benefits to key stakeholders.
ServeGate - How We Are Different