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About Us

ServeGate is a privately owned and operated Australian company that was founded by a group of highly experienced and successful business leaders.

Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in working alongside Australian Government departments and agencies, in particular the Defence community and various industry sectors.

We have developed strong business relations with decision makers at very high levels including:

  • Ministers
  • Government departments and agencies heads
  • Government and Defence Procurement Panels
  • Chief Procurement Officers
  • Senior executives and boards of Australian listed corporations, large companies and industry
  • Various industry associations

We actively endeavour to have our finger on the pulse regarding future projects and we understand the types and capabilities of suppliers that the Government and corporate customers require in order to complete these projects.

We specialise in making those opportunities available to SMEs.

Our ability to provide the Australian Government and Industry with the right solution providers for each project has seen ServeGate rapidly becoming a preferred supplier of choice (First Response Solution Provider).

ServeGate is much more than a gateway, a recruitment agency or just a collaboration service between SMEs and government and large industry contracts.

ServeGate - About Us

ServeGate - About Us

We exist to champion the potential of SMEs. This is a culture that differentiates us and is reflected in our name. Our attitude of service is seen in the way that we provide ongoing guidance and support to our member subcontractors. We place a high value on being transparent and client focused.

Not only do we present SME member subcontractors with new business opportunities, we support their growth to the point that they develop, no longer require our input and can independently win contracts.

Our transparency is demonstrated by the fact that – unlike other contractors in the industry – we facilitate a very open bidding process. Requests For Quotations (RFQs) are distributed amongst member subcontractors.

There is no conflict of interest – ServeGate does not compete for this work.

ServeGate operates on a cost recovery basis with our (very competitive) management fee being made known to both the Government or Corporate ‘Customer’ and our member subcontractor(s). Any savings coming out of the bidding process are passed on to the Customer in their entirety.

The ServeGate headquarters is strategically located in Canberra. Our member subcontractors are geographically dispersed Australia-wide.

We are, as our slogan states, a unique central access point for SME businesses. No longer do they have to sub-contract to a prime contractor or major company for a portion of a project, they can now – via ServeGate – seek opportunities for major roles and greater revenue.