Connecting Small & Medium Enterprises
To Government & Large Corporations



ServeGate makes it possible for Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to become directly involved in projects developed by the Governments, Corporate Australia and Industry, projects, which until now SMEs may not have been aware of or could not or would not consider being able to pursue.

ServeGate works closely with decision makers – Cabinet Ministers, Heads of departments and agencies, Government Purchasing Panels, Chief Procurement Officers, industry organisations, corporate executives and key decision makers – keeping our finger on the pulse of upcoming opportunities.

These groups are keen to work directly with SMEs and we are able to directly connect our community of SME member subcontractors across the nation with the right opportunities.

We serve our clients with integrity and transparency:

  • ServeGate provides a direct link between customer and subcontractor SMEs
  • We minimise overheads and administration costs
  • We look after red tape and assist with documentation to free up SMEs to deliver the clients’ requirements
  • Our transparent internal bidding process ensures the customer gets to pick the best fit supplier rather than just the cheapest or easiest option
  • We minimise risks with major contracts for both the supplier and contractor

As our slogan states, ServeGate is THE access point directly to those people developing sizeable projects throughout Australia… and we seek to match the capabilities of our members to those projects.